Vegetables Not Spared with Ballooning Prices

Vegetables Not Spared with Ballooning Prices, Monday , January 18 2016 | 10:32:18 AM


The rising cost of food is being felt by consumers of meat, but the cost of fruit and vegetables is having an impact on vegetarians and vegans as well.

A vegetarian eats no meat, and a vegan consumes no animal by-products, including dairy, whatsoever. To get an idea of how much vegetable costs have spiked, before the latest price increase, a head of cauliflower cost as little as two dollars in some parts of Canada. Today, its sold for as much as eight dollars in some grocery stores.

Skye Tostowaryk is the creator of the Facebook group NL Vegans and has herself been vegan for five years. The group allows people who follow or are interested in a vegan diet to share ideas on how to keep costs low while eating green.

She says the dramatic increase in price has had a major impact on her households grocery bills, even without having to buy any meat at all.

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